Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sgt. Dunn Novel #8, Sword of Ice, Coming very soon! - Cover Reveal

Hello Sgt. Dunn Readers!

I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of the eighth Sgt. Dunn novel, Sword of Ice. The book description is below.

Below is the awesome new cover (below), created by my good friend David M. Jones (Jonesy, the sniper).

I expect to publish very soon, after the Labor Day Weekend.

Thank you so much for your support.

Sword of Ice

The Nazi’s are up to something. This is not news, but the location is. What are they doing on an island above the Arctic Circle? The truth lies with Reichsf├╝hrer Heinrich Himmler, head of the dreaded SS, who is a fervent believer in Germany’s ancient Aryan myths and history. A creative German archaeologist discovers the location of something powerful and valuable, which Himmler wants to present to Hitler in the full belief it will change the course of the war. Himmler sends an SS expedition to the island to retrieve it.

The Allies discover the island is occupied, but don’t know why the Nazis are there. Enter U.S. Army Sgt. Tom Dunn and his squad of lethal Rangers. He leads his squad through frigid, miserable Arctic survival training before tackling the Germans on the Arctic Ocean island thousands of miles from anywhere.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, British Intelligence learns that Egyptian rebels, who want to force the British out sooner rather than later, are planning attacks on the extremely valuable and critical Suez Canal. Sgt. Malcolm Saunders and his squad of British Commandos are sent in to solve the problem. Saunders, who fought the Germans in North Africa in ’41 and ’42, is less than thrilled at the prospect of going back to the blistering desert. He also has three worries: can they complete the mission; will he lose men again; will the five new replacements hold their own?

After arriving on the Arctic island, Dunn and his men uncover the Nazi plot. They are forced to race across the island’s treacherous glacier, which is occupied not only by Nazi SS troops, but also by one of the world’s greatest and feared predators. What could possibly go wrong?

In book eight of the Sgt. Dunn WWII Action Thriller series, Munsterman, in his gripping page-turning style, alternately makes the reader shiver and sweat as he weaves story lines from the frozen Arctic to the scorching Egyptian desert. He continues to masterfully blend fiction and historical fact to create an action-packed plot.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Moon shot

Nothing to do with Sgt. Dunn, except for maybe because most of the time he's working at night.

Went to a Single A baseball game tonight and took a couple of pics of the moon.

Sword of Ice update, 8/30/17

Only 1/3 of the book to go on the next to last edit! Expect to finish the edit tomorrow. Then a bit of time for things like the acknowledgments and author's notes, then on to the final proofread. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sword of Ice update, 8/28/17, 11:47 pm CDT

Finished edit #5 of 7 for Sgt. Dunn Novel #8, Sword of Ice today! Yay! Each edit takes me 10 - 11 hours. But I truly love it, fixing things or using a perfect word in the right place. Writing happiness is simple- hard to do, but yet simple.

Only 2 more to go! Then get ready to publish soon, probably next week.

Been also thinking about Sgt. Dunn #9 and the main story is in my head. Also mentally working on the first book in a WWII Pacific Theater series, which I expect to have as a main character a PT Torpedo Boat captain. Getting excited. Dunn's brother in law, Danny Young, married to Dunn's sister, Hazel, may be a secondary character serving on a Submarine.

Come along on the ride with me when the books come out.

Sgt. Dunn Novel #8, Sword of Ice, Editing update

Just finished edit #5! Did 76 pages today to get caught up. So far, I've added almost 2,000 words, which is about 6 book pages. Added a chapter I'd originally purposely left out and then decided the book needed it after all, plus a bunch of other things.

Only 2 more edits to go.