Thursday, August 14, 2014

The joy of plot changes! Making your book better.

Seriously, I do mean joy. The past few days, I've been working on the second half of my newest book. In the midst of writing some pretty action-filled chapters, I discovered a better way for my main character, Sgt. Dunn, to resolve one of the more important events in the book. 

Without giving anything away, I suddenly realized he could "overcome" an impossible hurdle by doing something quite brazen, even for an action war story. As soon as I accepted this idea, which quite frankly came out of nowhere, everything else fell together rather quickly and I'm very happy with the results. Now that the plot has been revised, it's just a matter of writing the story, of following the little movie that plays in my head.

Writer's advice

Whether this is your first work or you've been at this awhile, always look for ways to make your story better. Examine what your character(s) is/are doing and how you can make things worse. Don't discard ideas that seem impossible to overcome. Figure out a way for your character to do that and you (and your readers) will root for him/her.