Thursday, September 4, 2014

Started work on the 4th Sgt. Dunn novel . . .

 . . . even though I'm still writing on the third one! How can you do that? you ask.

As you can see from the little progress bar in the upper right I'm nearly 70% done with the first draft. So why start now on the next one? The truth is I'm always thinking about the next one when I'm in the midst writing one.

I'm writing a series with main characters whose lives we are watching at different points along a known timeline, specifically World War II. What I do as a writer is zero in on this group of ordinary men from America and England who would have been teachers, farmers, fishermen . . . if not for the war. The thing is, they do extraordinary things, which is what makes the stories. 

I have to take a look at all the events occurring around these men in the world of war torn Europe in 1944. Weaving their story lines with real events helps make them become people, not just characters in the books.

So, today I came up with about five or six plot points, or events, that need to occur. It's just a start, but I'm already excited by it.

Now it's time to get back to writing the third book, Brutal Enemy. By the way, I no longer title my books until I have written a good portion of them. I learned not to do that from my first one, which, if I recall correctly, went through three titles before Operation Devil's Fire. Now, I just title them sd# for Sgt. Dunn book number. Say hello to sd4.

Thanks for stopping by.