Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Photos of the week - Lake Superior

A few years ago we spent some time (in August) on Lake Superior. Here are some of my favorite pics from that trip. We were in and around Two Harbors, MN.

But first:

Things you don't know about other places.

We found a nice resort with cabins right above the water. To make a reservation, you had to call, which I did. We concluded that and then my wife asked me to inquire about air conditioning. So I asked, and the guy, bless his heart, chuckled in a kind way and said that the highs were around 70 degrees, and at night with the wind coming off the lake, it'd be a nice 55 or so. And he was right! It was perfect.

From Palisade Head looking north

Note the seagull.

Heading south - one of two awesome tunnels

The 1,004 foot long Edgar Speer coming in to dock.

A tiny ship. No, a 700 foot ship laying off for the Speer to dock first.


Lucky shot, just caught the butterfly as it took off from the flower.

From Lake Superior National Forest, looking east.

Made me laugh out loud. Really.

From Two Harbors, looking north.