Friday, December 29, 2017

Announcing Sgt. Dunn #9 - soon to be released!

I am thrilled to announce that Sgt. Dunn #9, which is titled Raid on Hitler's Dam, will be released around mid-January!

I'm currently working on edit #3. You can track my editing progress on my blog (upper left corner). I sent the second edit on to my trusted and super FIRST READERS to get their feedback a couple of days ago.

My friend and cover artist, David M. Jones, is working on the cover. As soon as that's ready, I'll do a cover reveal.

Here's the book description. 

Raid on Hitler’s Dam

U.S. Army Ranger Technical Sergeant Tom Dunn takes a trip he thought he might never get to make: go home. But just for a few days. He and his pregnant British wife, Pamela, are invited to the White House so he can receive the Medal of Honor from President Roosevelt. Dunn’s entire family will be there and he can’t wait to see them after almost three years.

The moment Dunn returns to England, he gets his new mission. It takes all of his remarkable skill to plan the mission with British Commando Sergeant Malcolm Saunders, who just returned to England following a very close-call rescue mission in Holland. The target is so ambitious it seems impossible, even ludicrous. But not to Dunn. He immediately determines he’ll need additional assistance and for the first time, a second Ranger squad is assigned to work for Dunn. Oh, one more thing, he also wants help from a major in the Army Corps of Engineers. Why an engineer? The mission is to destroy a hydroelectric dam, in western Germany not far from the industrial city of Stuttgart, and its power production capabilities. The idea is to cripple Stuttgart for the coming winter.

Dunn and Saunders, and their men, take all the equipment they’ll need, plus weapons, plus a 6,000 pound bomb to bust the dam wide open, and enough explosives to blow up the underground power production water turbines. Things are going smoothly. And then they aren’t.

In perhaps the most action-filled novel in the Sgt. Dunn WWII Action Thriller series, book nine, Raid on Hitler’s Dam, gives readers firefight after firefight, sniper fire by Jonesy and his British counterpart, Ira Myers, ground chases, P-51 escort air-to-air and air-to-ground combat by Captain Norman Miller, who stole the Nazis’ Horten 18 jet bomber in book one, Operation Devil’s Fire. Munsterman’s page-turning style gives the reader no choice but to charge forward page by page.

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