Sunday, January 22, 2017

Happy Day! The first draft for Sgt. Dunn novel #7, Castle Breach, is Done.

I discovered just how much writing I can do for an extended period. The answer is 46,000 words in 20 days for an average of about 2,300 per day (about 8 or so book pages).

The result is a completed first draft of Sgt. Dunn novel #7, Castle Breach. My hope is to publish the book in mid- to late February, with mid being my preference. And gauging from my reader emails, theirs, too.

So here's what's left:

8 edits by me.
2 edits by my wonderful wife.
7 FIRST READERS to give me feedback on the story.
Publish for Kindle.
Publish paperback.
Start on book 8 as yet, untitled (hint: think of a really, really, brutally cold place, not Antarctica, the other one). 

 Check back often to see where I am on my edits! It'll be on the left side of this blog.